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Painting #RENOVATE48TH

September 20, 2016

The time has come! This old house has been given a fresh coat of paint and we’re going to tell you all about how we did it. I’ll be honest, I have found it easy to walk into someone else’s home and give them ideas about paint colors but when it came time for us to paint ours I was suddenly on the fence about what I had always thought I wanted.

I knew from the get-go that I wanted the monochrome look with some rustic farmhouse touches. I’d had my heart set on a matte charcoal-black house since we purchased the home last summer. But as time passed I just couldn’t see it being black – it didn’t fit. So I decided to go white -a decision that I haven’t regretted. Nick was totally on board when I pitched him the idea of a white house so I while I narrowed the field in terms of inspiration he got to work figuring out how we could most efficiently paint the house.



I love how the white is bold without trying to hard to look modern – our home is almost 100-years old and I wanted it to look fresh without trying to be something it wasn’t.


This photo does a wonderful job of capturing how the bevel cedar siding will look with the craftsman trim. The trim will be the same color as the siding so it’s something to consider when picking our color.


This photo illustrates how the dark framed windows will look interact with the white. Photo credit

Narrowing the Field

Our first step was to bring a few swatches that we thought could work and hold them up against various planes of the house (the front, the side, etc) just to see how they looked in different lighting situations. Here are the three swatches that we brought in:


We painted it on a few sections of the house and decided we liked the Sherwin Williams – Pure white the best. The other two were a bit too yellow once applied.


Here you can see the impact of the new paint.

Stay tuned for the long overdue update on how we went about painting this old house!

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