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October 3, 2016

Since we’ve painted the house I’ve been really excited to purchase some kind of warehouse and/or barn light to update the back stoop. Our home has a farmhouse feel to it with the white paint and our shop has some seriously cool warehouse lights from the 60’s I’d  love to still use. Frankly I have no idea how old they are but they’ve got these little bug catchers under the lights which are pretty full (GROSS!) so they’ve clearly been there a while -but I digress. We need a light for this back porch so I went on the hunt for some warehouse lights that were both reasonably-priced and functional for an outdoor setting. But first, a look at the situation at hand and a few things to know before purchasing outdoor lighting.

Our Situation

outdoor-light-_1 lighting-shop_1 lighting-shop_2



Things to know about outdoor lighting…

Most of the ceiling lights, wall lights, outdoor lighting and ceiling fans sold in the United States have been tested and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent product safety certification organization. Conversely, some products have been tested by Intertek and carry an ETL Listed mark. Whether its UL or ETL depends on the product and either rating can help you choose the most appropriate fixture for your needs. Not every light can go outside, be sure that it has a UL Wet Rating unless you plan on putting your light under a covered porch or area where moisture is present but it gets no direct rain -in this case you can use a light that is UL Damp-Rated. I’ve broken down the differences below.

UL Dry Rating: A fixture with a UL Dry Rating may be used in any area, usually indoors, which is not directly exposed to excessive moisture and water.  Any fixture with a UL label that is not explicitly rated for wet or damp applications should be considered a UL dry location fixture.

UL Damp Rating:  A fixture with a UL Damp Rating may be used in sheltered outdoor areas that are protected from direct contact with rain, snow, or excessive moisture (such as ocean spray).

UL Wet Rating:  A fixture with a UL Wet Rating is suitable for outdoor locations that receive direct contact with rain, snow or excessive moisture (such as fog or ocean spray).



What are your favorites? I’m leaning towards the Carson Goose-neck with the 20″ shallow dome, but I would put a smaller light bulb in it. Or should we go red? I plan on refinishing the lights that are over the garage and possibly repurposing the one that is over the garage-doors so that I can have two lights there -one over each garage door which will match the one we decide to place over the back stoop. Part of the problem is that the big green monster that is our shop isn’t white yet and probably won’t be until next summer at the earliest… And green siding + red shade = Christmas.  I welcome your thoughts and opinions. Do any of you have warehouse lights in or around your home? Better yet, have any of you refurbished lighting?

Links to product: 17″ Gooseneck Sconce | Carson 12″ Wall Sconce | Lora Outdoor Barn Light | Urban Barn Galvanized Light | Multi mount Warehouse Light | 13″ NP Barn light | 14″ Porcelain Warehouse light | CANARM Outdoor Aluminum Barn Light

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