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Bathroom | Before & After

March 28, 2016


To Recap… About a year ago we gutted this entire space and started from scratch. The goal was to restore the charm of this 1946 bathroom and rescue it from the drab oak cabinets and laminate flooring. Below are the photos from before we started the project.





Once we took the walls out we found traces of mold and deteriorating drywall so it all had to go -we took the 8ft. by 5ft. space back the studs. We were able to reuse the bathtub but updated all of the existing plumbing. The medicine cabinet and pedestal sink were found at Second Use (in Seattle, WA) and are period specific to the house.

While installing concrete board wasn’t originally in the plan we didn’t have any expectations that what we found -once we tore down the walls- could be salvaged. Next came the tile, we did white subway tile for the walls and hex penny tile for the floors. We added radiant heating panels under the hex tile for toasty warm feet on chilly northwest mornings.

We went with a charcoal grout to play up the subway tile and also subdue the floor a bit. With pets and kids white grout isn’t a great option and I’m thrilled with how polished the tile looks with the charcoal option. We decided on fixtures from Rejuvenation Hardware and subtle blue paint to brighten the space. The finishing touch was wrapping the window in wood to give it an undated modern feel.

The upside of completely gutting the space? Now we know exactly what is behind all that beautiful subway tile, that it is watertight and that this sweet bathroom will serve its people well.

Product Sources: Moen Chrome Faucet from Home Depot // Carlton Double Wall Sconce from Rejuvenation Hardware // Landry Shelf from Rejuvenation Hardware // Landry Toilet Paper Holder from Rejuvenation Hardware // Landry Single Towel Bar from Rejuvenation Hardware // Towels from Hotel Collection // Duck cloth Shower Curtain from Rejuvenation Hardware // Paint Color:

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