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Maddox Bathroom | Progress Update

March 29, 2017

I’m excited to be talking about some plans in our bathroom, finally! If you remember from when we bought this house, the bathroom was a scary black hole. There was a gargoyle statue when we toured it, and the light fell off the wall when my sweet MIL attempted to clean it. Additionally, when we took possession of the house there was no hot water, basically a no-go if one plans to shower! We ended up having to flush the heck out of our water heater which had so much gravel and sediment in the bottom its amazing it still worked! Then Nick re-plumbed all of the hot water lines with PEX. The only casualty was the sink that cracked and fell off the wall when replacing our plumbing. The good news is, we got a temporary light working again, the bad news is it might have been better in the dark!

Plans for the Space

The plan of attack it to brighten it up in there. I want this bathroom to be bright and airy while feeling spacious since it’s currently the only bathroom in the house, so I am going with a soft palette, natural materials, not too much contrast, and majorly upgraded fixtures.

Mother Mag

My Domaine

And now for the…


The first item on the agenda was to remove the two layers of laminate flooring. For the flooring we have decided to use octagon tiles in an assorted pattern. I love the encaustic cement tile but the wear and tear on this bathroom calls for something durable like ceramic. The second task is to bring in some light. Currently there is one light over the vanity that we actually had to replace the day we moved in because while changing the lightbulbs the fixture fell off the wall. Let me tell ya, this house is REAL SAFE. I am planning to replace the vanity light and install recessed lighting over the shower and we are adding a new larger window in the shower that will bring in more natural light.

Wish us luck!

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