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Guest room | Demo Days

April 19, 2016

Our most recent project has been the guest room. When we moved into the house, this room had an itty bitty closet in one corner that was a huge eye-sore and not practical given the space -the room is almost exactly square at 9’5″ x 10′. It had one dark blue statement? wall and felt dingy and dark.


We painted this room with Killz primer when we moved in to subdue the harsh smoke scent and added new electrical outlets since we were doing new electrical throughout the rest of house. Before the floors were refinished we ripped out the closet which you can see below.


Amazing what a coat (or 3!!) of fresh paint can do for a room. You can see here where the existing heater vents came up through the floor. When they refinished the floors we had them patch all of these as our new ones are in the ceiling. Once the floors were finished and cured we covered them up with RAM Board and went to town demoing the existing walls.


It was a serious mess. Even though we’ve systematically torn down almost all the walls in this house it still amazes me how much debris lath and plaster creates. We even found some chicken wire hidden in the plaster. THAT was fun. But we did find an old window that had been covered up – Hooray! My main concern with this room was that it would still look dark even after we remodeled it. Not anymore! We now now have western and northern exposures in this room and I couldn’t be happier! We ordered two new windows and they should be here at the end of the month.


Why the siding around the window is cut in a “V” we have no idea. Any guesses? Also, we found out we have two layers of siding, some straight cedar planking. Which, coincidently looks SO much better than the green cedar particle stuff we’ve got on there currently. We hope this can end up saving us some money, but more research is needed.

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