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Entries from August 2016


August 4, 2016

Ever since we bought this house last August we’ve had lots of hopes and dreams for how to transform the drab army green exterior. After a long winter of tedious inside projects, this June we began updating the exterior! It began when we started to pull back the siding from the two windows we replaced in the guest room. Remember the hidden window? Well that was the start of something wonderful for our little Cape Cod. It turns out that our home had two layers of siding! While we didn’t find gold in the walls – straight cedar siding runs a close second and finding it under the green press-board was a great surprise.


Needless to say, we could hardly stop ourselves from ripping off the press-board now that we had seen what was underneath. It came off surprisingly easy, and we realized quickly that with the exception of a few boards that most of the cedar was in good shape.





We found cedar shake that was in poor shape so we decided to tear it off and take the straight cedar siding all the way up.


Thankfully we had some help – it turns out we’re not the only ones that like ripping off siding.


Now time to start over! If you look over the screen door you can stillĀ see the old house numbers. We found a picture of the house (see below) that shows the green siding was put on before 1956. The next photo isn’t dated but shows the cedar siding we found – we do know the house was built in 1923 which leave us with about 25 years in-between where its clear from the pictures that there were a number of changes made to the exterior of the house.

1956 House Photo

Old House Photo

Stay tuned for more updates and a post on our inspiration for the exterior of this house!


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