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Entries from June 2016

HOW TO | Mixing Rugs

June 10, 2016

Recently I worked with a client who needed to use two different rugs in a room. So I commenced the search for some great rug combos we could use in her sitting room. Style wise, using two rugs in a room is tricky. I quickly found lots of bohemian options, which works great for mixing because they are similar in weight, material and pattern style.


Source: Green Body + Green Home


Source: Tigmi Trading


Source: 100 Layer Cake


Source: Amber Interiors

By pairing different types of rugs, you can instantly add texture to a room. You can take a rug that isn’t that comfortable and add a cozy, plush one on top and instantly you’ve created a cozy and inviting space. Another option is to look for multiple textures to create dimension.

In the photo below, the stylist added a beautiful, rustic cowhide on top of a muted jute rug which introduces a level of interest to the room. Putting a plain, woven rug down first creates a “frame” for the statement rug and highlights the piece you love.



29dc980e0bf1e212187ee80fe39aa2ebSource: 2 janvier 2016 par Céline

Pairing a solid with a pattern can add warmth to a bare room. Adding a combination of cozy and colorful bohemian rugs warms up the industrial space pictured below.


Source: The Style Files

When in doubt you can use the same rug twice, it can look just as sharp and styled as mixing. It could also be less fussy than mixing if you already have some complicated pieces in your room and want to keep things simple on the ground level.


Guest room | Mood board

June 3, 2016

Once we decided we would be gutting this room I’ve had some time to come up with fun ideas to implement once the dirty work was done. Below is the original product plan for the room. We inherited a neat white-washed bedroom set that I think will compliment the pastel color scheme we have going here. Part of me can’t believe I’m decorating in pastel’s. But I’m so excited to see this come together!


Sabina Shibori Euro Sham | 2. PetalFlynn Single Wall Sconce | 3. Stand Table lamp | 4. Cowhide patchwork pillow | 5. Brace Wall hook | 6. Hex boxes by Sydney based design group Evie | 7. Hanging Curio Cabinet | 8. Marin, curated by Minted | 9. Cut ceramic Planter

Other items that I’ve come across that I love and may find some way to use are below…

Faux Shagreen Tray by West Elm


Trigg Wall Vases at CB2


Totem Candle Holders at Rejuvenation Hardware


This is just a taste of what is to come, I can’t wait to share the reveal once the room is finally put together. Hope this was helpful!

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