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Entries from May 2016

Guest room | Inspiration

May 26, 2016

Things have shifted into high-gear around here with the impending arrival of my girlfriend from college who will be staying with us for a few weeks… We love hosting friends, and are looking forward to having a bright, cozy guest room for them to stay in. Although it is worth mentioning that construction has hardly slowed the traffic through this old house. We still had friends happily bedding down on an air mattress when the guest room was just drywall and boards over the windows. Seriously! You guys know who you are, and you are awesome.


Color: Window Pane by Sherwin Williams

I have been compiling photos and dreaming of our finished guestroom since before we tore into the walls. This weekend we finished up the trim, windows, baseboards, crown-molding and Nick caulked ALL of it. He is a MASTER. Really, caulking freaks me out so I can’t be in the same room as him when he’s working on it. I’d like to think of myself as a relatively calm person, but there is something about the finesse involved in caulking that causes me anxiety. But now that its almost finished we get to move onto the fun stuff, styling the room!



Pink Bohemian Bedroom by Victoria Smith from sfgirlbybay and Bri Emery from designlovefest


Source: Lauren Conrad


Source: Apartment Therapy

feathered collages

Source: Decor8

Also, how amazing is that feather collage in the last photo? It is made by a talented sister due, Clare and Joy from Mondocherry in Australia.

The room is small so I’m keeping it simple. Sheer white curtains, we might do some wood blinds in the square window because that west-facing wall gets SO MUCH SUN. It’s blinding when you wake up in the morning, and lets face it we all wake up a little squinty-eyed anyways and the last thing you need is to be sun-blind when you wake up. So yes, there may be blinds. We’ve ordered these before from Home Depot -the sales people will cut them to size in-store and they easily install in a few minutes. Currently there is no storage, and no room to add a dresser so I plan to get creative with some under-bed boxes and neat shelving. I also have a few prints that need a home and fit the vibe of this room. Stay tuned for the design + product board on here soon!

Guest room | Progress

May 7, 2016

Last time we checked in the guest room was demoed, both of the old windows removed and framed for the new ones going in.


Lots has happened since! We added insulation, new drywall and even had an unforeseen project that included the removal of the main vent stack in the house. More on that later…


We decided to do a skim- coat over the room, and opted for the smooth museum finish instead of traditional texture. This was incredibly time consuming so we enlisted the help of a friend who had lots of experience with applying mud to achieve the desired finish. You can see the finish below as the windows are going in.


We chose a 4ft. x 2ft. casement window for the south facing wall, and a 3 ft. x 3 ft. single-hung window for the west facing wall.


We finally took my Dad up in his offer to help -here he is helping Nick out in the first window.

Below you can see the almost finished room! We used tongue-in-groove cedar planking for the ceiling and painting the room in a pastel blue.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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