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Entries from March 2016

How to Pick Tile | Bath progress

March 31, 2016

Wood is beautiful, but in a bathroom tile is functional. Our current 1926 home had hardwoods into the main bathroom however we opted to take them out in favor of tile. the idea of guests, kids (not to mention, ourselves!) splashing water continuously on those wood floors was enough for them to acquire water damage; in my mind at least. Most of my favorite bathrooms include two types of tile – one for the floor and one for the walls. Taken together they can contribute depth and interest to a space that wasn’t there to begin with.

bathroom inspiration

The first tip is to use a small scale pattern and a large scale pattern together. The primary reason for this is two small-scale patterns will compete with each other rather than accent. For example, in our current bathroom I plan to use a small-scale hex tile on the floor and then couple it with a larger-scale, simple white subway tile for the walls.


Photo: Style at Home

The second tip is to realize it’s not paint. You’re putting it in for life or at least 20 years so you should think of it differently. It should be classic and fit with the architecture of the space to which you’re applying it. We have all seen bathrooms of the pink palace variety, where the sink, toilet and all the tile is glowing shade of faded blush. Eek! I grew up in one such bathroom, but thank goodness I had parents that instilled in me the blessing and the curse of perpetual home renovations.

The third tip is to use the same color on the floor and the wall. One look in particular that I love is the Carrera hex tile on the floor and a smaller subway tile on the wall, seen below.


Photo: Studio Mcgee

The wonderful thing is that tile has really shifted in the last decade. It used to be that underwhelming tile show rooms and the uninspired choices at Home Depot were all that you had to choose from. Now with Pinterest, Remodelista, and Houzz there is plenty of choices and inspired design to take your bathroom and/or kitchen from zero to hero.

Currently our bathroom has been completely demoed around the exisiting tub (it will be saved and refinished). There is new plumbing and electrical and the concrete board is up and the radiant heat panels have been laid.

Here is our inspiration for the space. Stay tuned for more updates!

Bathroom | Before & After

March 28, 2016


To Recap… About a year ago we gutted this entire space and started from scratch. The goal was to restore the charm of this 1946 bathroom and rescue it from the drab oak cabinets and laminate flooring. Below are the photos from before we started the project.





Once we took the walls out we found traces of mold and deteriorating drywall so it all had to go -we took the 8ft. by 5ft. space back the studs. We were able to reuse the bathtub but updated all of the existing plumbing. The medicine cabinet and pedestal sink were found at Second Use (in Seattle, WA) and are period specific to the house.

While installing concrete board wasn’t originally in the plan we didn’t have any expectations that what we found -once we tore down the walls- could be salvaged. Next came the tile, we did white subway tile for the walls and hex penny tile for the floors. We added radiant heating panels under the hex tile for toasty warm feet on chilly northwest mornings.

We went with a charcoal grout to play up the subway tile and also subdue the floor a bit. With pets and kids white grout isn’t a great option and I’m thrilled with how polished the tile looks with the charcoal option. We decided on fixtures from Rejuvenation Hardware and subtle blue paint to brighten the space. The finishing touch was wrapping the window in wood to give it an undated modern feel.

The upside of completely gutting the space? Now we know exactly what is behind all that beautiful subway tile, that it is watertight and that this sweet bathroom will serve its people well.

Product Sources: Moen Chrome Faucet from Home Depot // Carlton Double Wall Sconce from Rejuvenation Hardware // Landry Shelf from Rejuvenation Hardware // Landry Toilet Paper Holder from Rejuvenation Hardware // Landry Single Towel Bar from Rejuvenation Hardware // Towels from Hotel Collection // Duck cloth Shower Curtain from Rejuvenation Hardware // Paint Color:

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